How to Choose the Best Keto Meal Delivery Service

How to Choose the Best Keto Meal Delivery Service

There are a few different meal delivery services for keto. These include 518 Kitchen, Factor 75, and Clean Eatz. These companies all offer great meals and snacks. However, you should always keep a few things in mind when choosing a service. If you are on a budget, you might want to look for something a little cheaper.

518 Kitchen

If you’re looking for a low-carb, keto-friendly meal delivery service that’s not too expensive, you can’t go wrong with 518 Kitchen. They offer a variety of meals that are prepared in under five minutes. There are plenty of options for people who want to follow a keto diet, and the meals are low-carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Their service is also environmentally friendly. Their packaging is recyclable, so you can feel good about your purchase.

While many people are able to follow the ketogenic diet without assistance, it can be a difficult task for non-preppers to follow it. 518 Kitchen has a meal prep subscription that makes it easy to follow the diet, and their meals are prepared with dietitian-backed recipes. Plus, they offer a satisfaction guarantee, and their portion sizes are generous.

There are other keto meal delivery services that can be useful for those who are constantly on the go. For example, if you’re out of town for work, you can sign up for one of these services and have your meals delivered right to your door. If you don’t want to commit to a subscription, you can choose to purchase one-time meals or sign up for a weekly delivery.

Green Chef is a Boulder, Colorado-based company that has been in business since 2014. Green Chef is the first keto meal delivery service to be certified organic. The company offers a simple, convenient menu of keto-friendly meal kits that change every week. Green Chef also pre-portions its organic ingredients, reducing waste.

Clean Eatz

When it comes to choosing the best keto meal delivery service, you’ll want to consider several factors. First, you should make sure that the food you’re receiving comes from a reputable source. Although some companies may claim to use the cleanest ingredients, you might find that you are not able to trust these claims. Additionally, some of these companies may not be able to provide you with the nutrients you need to stick to a strict diet, or they may have ingredients that are not nutrient-dense.

Clean Eatz also offers free shipping throughout the continental US and uses organic, locally-sourced ingredients when available. Factor_ is another option, but it does not offer a dedicated keto meal plan. However, you will find keto-friendly meals and gluten-free options, and it does offer free shipping to most locations.

Another important consideration when deciding which keto meal delivery service is best for you is the service’s cancellation policy. Many of these services allow you to pause your subscription, but cancellation is not as simple as it sounds. Moreover, some of these companies have complicated cancellation policies and cutoff dates.

Clean Eatz Kitchen also offers a keto meal plan, but the menu is limited to seven options. Unlike some other keto meal delivery services, this one does not lock you into a subscription, and they also offer educational materials and accountability challenges. However, you may need to prepare some of the meals yourself. In addition, if you’re worried about cross-contamination, this company does not provide any options to alter the ingredients.

Proper Good

If you are on a strict keto diet and want to save money, you may want to sign up for a keto meal delivery service. These types of meal delivery services focus on healthy and affordable ingredients. They offer a range of options, from breakfast to dinner. Some of them even have options for individuals with special dietary requirements. For example, some of their meals are completely free of preservatives and additives, and they use only whole-food ingredients.

A major downside to keto meal delivery services is that you may not be able to customize your meals. While most will filter out certain ingredients, there is always a chance that your keto meal delivery will contain dairy or other foods that might not be keto-friendly. For this reason, it is important to choose a company that understands your dietary requirements. Most of the services on this list have nutritional information on their products.

In addition to delivering keto-friendly meals, Proper Good also offers a menu of keto-friendly soups. These soups are shelf-stable, so you can enjoy them for longer than with other services. They are also made with organic ingredients. The company is certified BBB and Trustpilot and has 65 cafe locations across the US.

Keto meal delivery services also have different cost options. You can choose to pay per serving or for the whole month. Some services offer a special deal if you order more than a week’s worth of meals. You can also get multiple serving kits if you’d like.


Sunbasket offers a variety of meal options, including both pre-made meals and meal kits. The meal kits contain pre-portioned ingredients and cook in just 40 minutes. They are ideal for single servings, and you can simply heat them up in the microwave or the oven. Pricing is fairly reasonable at $12 to $18 per serving. You can also save money by ordering two to four meals per week.

Sunbasket’s low-carb meal plan is made up of dishes with fewer than 35 grams of carbs per serving. This is important because the keto diet requires a limit of 20 to 50 grams of net carbohydrates daily. The meals include dishes such as Thai turkey lettuce cups and green goddess steak salad. Many people have rated these meals as keto-friendly, and the company is committed to providing quality meals. It also uses 99% organic produce and eggs, and sources its meats responsibly.

Sunbasket is a great option for people looking for an organic, keto-friendly meal delivery service. Not only do they have several different diet options, but they also have gluten-free, vegetarian, and diabetic-friendly meal kits. Sunbasket also offers breakfast options, snacks, and bone broth, so you can choose the best meal for your lifestyle.

Aside from offering a wide variety of meals, Sunbasket also offers a variety of add-ons to meet your needs. Their meal kits can be customized to your preferences, and you can also mix and match meals between the different meal plans.

Carb-Conscious plan

The Carb-Conscious keto meal-delivery service offers a variety of single-serving, heat-and-eat meals. The menus are customized for you based on your macros, dietary preferences, and allergies. Each meal is nutritionist-designed and contains less than 35 grams of net carbohydrates per serving. The meals can also be customized by switching up proteins and excluding certain grains. Generally, you’ll get two to six recipes per week.

While there are numerous keto meal delivery services on the market, not all of them are created equal. Some are better than others at ensuring the quality of their ingredients. For instance, some services are better than others at sourcing their ingredients responsibly. Some are also better for those with health concerns or people who are on a long-term meal plan.

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